Vincent Carret

Current Position:
Creighton University, Visiting Assistant Professor

PhD in Economics from the University of Lyon.


I am a visiting assistant professor of economics at Creighton University, and faculty fellow at the Menard Family Institute for Economic Inquiry. I received my PhD from the University of Lyon and previously worked as a visiting scholar / archivist at Duke University. My research focuses on historical political economy, that is, on the ideas, interests and institutions that have shaped market economies.

Curriculum Vitae

Latest Posts


The Pit Market Experiment

3 minute read

There are plenty of online resources on the pit market experiment (see e.g. here and here). I used several of these to build my own, and the purpose of this ...

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Ordinary Least Squares Regression

less than 1 minute read

This post introduces a simple interactive application to run and visualize Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regressions. The application accepts as input a csv f...

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ISLM and the Aggregate Demand curve

3 minute read

In a previous post we constructed the IS-LM model from a demand for goods, a demand for money, and two equilibrium conditions. By adding a very simple liquid...

The ISLM Model

3 minute read

We present a simple IS LM model with two markets: the goods market and the “money” market. The goods market is describe in a previous post We linearise the m...

The Keynesian Cross and the IS curve

3 minute read

In this post, we build the IS curve from the equilibrium positions on the goods market. The curve is later used in several models (see this post and that one...

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