Ordinary Least Squares Regression

less than 1 minute read


This post introduces a simple interactive application to run and visualize Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regressions. The application accepts as input a csv file with a header on the first line containing the variable names, and data organized by lines. Once the file is loaded, choose the independent variable and the dependent variable to plot in the right panel. Click on the “Regress!” button to obtain basic statistics and fit a regression line on the diagram (conditional on the means of the other dependent variables when there are more than two variables).

This application is a building block for future applications reproducing econometric, microeconometric or macroeconometric models. Do not expect it to work fast with large datasets. I may add other features, e.g., changing the regression model or the underlying algorithm, or add the possibility to obtain other statistics.

Download an example dataset to use with the application.